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Leah Yoga has been live for a few months now, 2020 has been… an interesting year to start a business, but like the river, we all must flow & adapt! I hope that, wherever you are, you have weathered this year’s trials as well as can be hoped, & if you’ve hit a few rapids or bends, know that the universe is an unfathomably limitless place, with room for all of us to find positivity & good things, no matter what we may have endured, or might be enduring right now.

What’s the Deal?

In addition to the main website you see all around here, this newly launched Blog/News page will provide a means for me to keep you updated on the courses & classes I offer, timetable changes & the community in general.

I also intend for this Blog to explore Yoga as a lifestyle; while my classes & courses don’t try to push this aspect of Yoga, there is so much more to it than what we see on the surface. Beyond an empowering, healing, strengthening exercise, there are depths of meditation, mindfulness, self awareness & thought, that, if we feel the desire, can be explored & benefited from.

Some things you can expect to see here;

  • Vegan Recipes (I am a Vegan, its not specifically part of Yoga, but then, you don’t need to be a Vegan to enjoy delicious meals & snacks made from only plant life!)
  • Yoga Videos
  • Information on my classes & courses
  • Opportunities for you to influence what I offer & when I do it
  • Tips, Hints & Learning Resources for Yoga
  • Advice on Mindfulness & Meditation
  • More as I think of it!

I hope you’ll join me on this adventure, you can follow this Blog to stay up to date & I would always encourage you to join my Mailing List, which makes staying up to date even easier!

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