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Lakora Live

Online Yoga Membership

Flexibility, Strength, Relaxation and yes even Cardio – You can do it all with these 30 minute yoga classes

Everything you need from the comfort of your own home

5 day FREE trial!

Reduced tension and create a body that supports you in every move you make.

Let’s loosen up and feel FREE in our bodies and our minds!

Feel Free to live the life you deserve

Whether you want to flow at home, on holiday, on your lunch break or even a quick meditation in the car. With Lakora Yoga App you can access your classes on any device whenever you need.

All our classes are based around 3 main movements that will help you gain full body flexibility and loosen up EVERYTHING.

A variety of classes to keep you inspired

Members can enjoy;

  • 3 weekly zoom classes (replays uploaded within the hour)
  • Unlimited access to our catalogue of recorded video classes which include;
    • Vinyasa flows for Fun Creative Movements that can build a sweat
    • Yin for slowing down, using cushions and pillows to feel that deep stretch
    • Beginner classes for the basics and learning more about yoga postures and your body
    • Meditations for your Mental Wellbeing which also help with sleep
  • Private Facebook group for support and feedback

“When my husband and I study yoga online with Leah Hyne, we feel like we’ve finally found someone who can explain to us what on earth we are doing! What a gifted teacher she is! She even taught me to master Crow Pose, which I had been working on forever without success. Leah is gentle, kind, insightful, and absolutely happiness-inspiring! Wonderful yoga classes!”

– Amy C

Right now you might be feeling stuck, like your getting stiffer every year and those aches and pains that come along with it are no fun. I know; I’ve been there! Sometimes I’m still there. Keeping up with a 6 year old can be tough on the body.

Imagine if you could wake up without feeling like you have been in a boxing match the night before. Like you have the energy and movement in your body to get up and do the things that really fulfil your heart. Using the different categories inside Lakora Live you can pick a practice that’s right for you at that moment.

Pick from a Fun and creative flow, slow and deep stretching or a short meditation

Your Teacher

Hi, I’m Leah and I’ll be your teacher through this membership. I am a fully qualified yoga teacher, accredited with yoga alliance professionals. 

I started practicing yoga 12 years ago and I was extremely inflexible. Gaining flexibility has always been a challenge for my tighter than normal body BUT that is what got me hooked. I soon started researching ways to really help normal bodies gain flexibility and found so many cool tricks and ways to really help me get into some funky yoga poses I could of only dreamed of 12 years ago and i want to share these tips and tricks with normal people just like me!

As a mum of a crazy 6 year old, I also know what it’s like to be busy with no time to do yoga or not be able to go to an in person class. That’s why I’ve designed this online yoga membership to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. With 30-minute classes offered three times a week, you can experience the transformative benefits of yoga without the stress of rigid schedules. It’s like having a personal yoga retreat right in your home, giving you the flexibility you need while enhancing your overall well-being.

What makes Lakora Live different to other yoga memberships?

  • I have never been flexible and it takes me a long time to achieve it. This means I know what it feels like to be inflexible and can help you find solutions and give you variations of poses to really maximise your flexibility. Sometimes it can be difficult for yoga teachers who have always been naturally flexible to understand what it’s like to not be able to do the ‘beginner pose’ they recommend, My tighter body has you covered.
  • We provide an interactive Facebook group where you get to post videos or questions and I can help you in your yoga journey. You are not just left on your own to do classes and that’s it (unless that’s what you want, of course). Feel free to post in the group for feedback.
  • This isn’t just a library of classes, you get the option to join us live 3 times a week. This is great for accountability and to keep you showing up for your practice, sometimes we all need a little help to show up right?
  • We also don’t just post random yoga classes. We have a purpose to help you gain flexibility and improve your yoga poses. So if you have a goal, we can help!


What do Members have access to?

All the classes in the membership portal, 3 weekly zoom classes that you can chose to attend or not plus the Facebook group.

Do I need a Yoga Mat & props?

It isn’t necessary to start your practice. However, if you are planning to practice regularly then I would suggest that you get hold of a yoga mat. I have a recommendations list in the Facebook group – I’ve tried a bunch, so can help you find a great Mat, skipping some of the dodgy ones!

For props, they are great to use but you can also use household items. (dressing gown ties, cushions, pillows etc)

What if I don’t have Facebook?

That’s fine!

When you sign up you will receive an email with all the links to the website and to the app to access all your classes. The app is the best option as in there you can sign up for the zoom classes which will then send you an email 30 minutes before with the zoom links.

How do I know what video to do?

When you first sign up to Lakora Live you will be sent a guide map of what to work on. You can make your way through this list or simple decide what you would like to start working on. Maybe its backbending, maybe its meditation, maybe its flexibility. You will have access to email Leah with any questions to help get you on track or simple ask in the Facebook group.

Is this for beginners?

I have a beginner section in the membership but most of my classes are for beginner/intermediate.

Meaning sometimes we flow pretty fast but we usually start it slow and build up to it.

There is no jumping into handstand in the middle of a flow although we do have a handstand class walking you through how to do a handstand against the wall if that is a goal of yours.

How long do I have access?

For as long as you are paying your monthly subscription.

Cancel anytime.

What do my classes look like? Below is a snippet from a vinyasa flow that has been sped up to give you an idea.

We generally break down the vinyasa flows and then go through them quicker once we know the routine.

We also do Yin classes which are a lot slower and use blankets, yoga blocks (or books) and cushions to really sink into the poses great when you don’t have a lot of energy. Like the image below.

But Leah, how is this really going to benefit my life? I’m glad you asked!

Yoga not only improves your physical body by gaining flexibility, strength, doing cardio and slowing down your nervous system but it also helps your mental clarity. When we slow down and focus on our bodies we start noticing where we are tight, we notice when our breathing gets short, when things become emotionally unstable for us. It helps us look within.

Yes, this one simple thing called yoga can do all that. It can help our physical and mental wellbeing. There is a famous yogi saying – what shows up on your mat, shows up off the mat as well (in your life) and vice versa.

So if you are someone who rushes through your practice, where does that show up in your life? Maybe you are always on the go and never take a break.

If you are someone who struggles to keep showing up on the mat, where does that show up in your life? And what can happen when you have help to keep showing up on the mat, this can start showing in your life and into other things that you do? You start believing in your self more and showing up!

Who is this Membership for? Anyone who…

Anyone who is at least one of the following;  

  • Wants to start or try yoga 
  • Is fed up of going to the gym and wants to workout in the comfort of their own home
  • Feels achey and suffers from low back pain or hip pain.
  • Wants to gain flexibility and strength
  • Wants to find some calmness and ‘me time’ in there busy lives
  • Loves vinyasa flows but also likes the slower classes for them slower days
  • Loves seeing a positive difference in their mental health
  • Likes the accountability of live classes

Who isn’t this membership for?

  • Advanced Yogi’s looking for extreme arm balancing and power yoga.

So, how does this work?

Clicking the button below will take you to the Lakora Live Membership, all you have to do, is follow the easy signup process there, & you can get straight into enjoying our extensive back catalogue, along with new videos, every week!

I get so much more out of yoga with you than any other classes I’ve done. I now know how to ground down through my feet which may seem simple but I couldn’t do it before you explained it.


Imagine where you could be a few months from now with a consistent, organised yoga flexibility practice. 

Feeling less stressed, more mobile, healthier in mind and body, and feeling the healthiest you have felt for a while.

Focusing on flexibility is the best way to create a healthy body and mind.

Let’s help you relieve some tightness, find a little freedom and discover a love of yoga!

Your investment! £24 a month to shape your life into what you want it to be!

Signup below to become a member now.

Have questions, want to chat about the membership? Give me a message on WhatsApp – 07908564891

*Please note that I will be taking the odd holiday but I always prerecord classes for these events so you will never miss out on new weekly classes