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Feel More Flexible Today!

A Journey to Freedom!

Whether a beginner or practised student of Yoga that struggles with flexibility, come and loosen up and learn to stay consistent in your practice to see the best results.

This will help you gain flexibility, have less bodily aches and help you feel looser in body and mind because life is hard BUT through yoga and mindful stretching we can make it a little easier and have fun on the way.

Latest Free YouTube Classes

Less Talk & More Practice – 7 minutes
Yoga for an achy back – 13 minutes
Quick & Fun Hip class – 9 minutes

You only get one body, let’s keep it healthy!

What’s New for Lakora Yoga?

On Wednesday 27th September, Leah will be hosting a LIVE TRAINING – Yoga for back pain. Come and join her as she talks about how to avoid back pain and how yoga has helped her improve her back health. She will have a fun little practice for you as well. – click here to join