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Whether a beginner or practised student of Yoga, I aim to offer classes, courses, videos & more to help guide you to a happier, healthier, more mindful lifestyle through flexible, creative Yoga flows that are designed with your safety & wellbeing in mind.

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Mindfulness, Meditation, Peace

Join me on a Yoga Journey to awaken your own awareness through the joy of a strengthening, empowering & relaxing exercise that blends meditation, mindfulness, philosophy, self-reflection & self-care into a balm for the soul that will improve not only your physical fitness & health, but your mental wellbeing & resilience.

I offer classes in Plymouth, in the Southwest of the UK, as well as online classes to participate in from anywhere in the world. My aim is to ensure that, whenever life allows you the time for Yoga, & wherever you are in your Yoga journey, you have access to thoughtful, practical teaching that is reinforced with an understanding of biology & spirit to ensure that you are always safe in your exploration of Yoga, whether you are a beginner or have been practising for many years.

A fully qualified yoga teacher, I am accredited & insured, & able to teach; you can be sure that I have your well being in mind & that, if you need direct guidance, I am there for you.

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Courses, Membership Classes & More!

Through VStudio I now offer a super streamlined, easy to access & use system for joining me for One-Off Live Classes, Courses &, for my Paid Members, weekly Recorded Classes backed up with Meditations & more!

Using VStudio couldn’t be easier; you can signup & pay for a video, class or the Membership in one go (or signup & browse till you find what you’re after! There are a tonne of really great Yogi’s there after all!) & then all that’s left is to pick a video & watch! No Ads, no filling in a million forms, paying & then requesting access – you signup/pay & you’re good to Yoga!

In Person Classes

Outside Yoga Classes, weather permitting, in & around Plymouth (UK)
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