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Starting a yoga youtube channel

First thing i want to say is just start! Messy action is better than no action. Grab your phone do your thing and improve as you go.

Youtube loves consistency, if you show up the same time every week, youtube will notice and eventually start pushing your videos out for more to see (so long as they like your content).

There are so many channels out there to help with how to grow your youtube channel. Personally i love cathrin manning so go check her out but today i want to talk about starting a yoga channel. So continue reading to see how i started mine and what i am doing to help get noticed.

Equipment – first off all, as i said above, just get started. Use your phone, set it up somewhere and just start recording. The more you do it, the more you will understand what to do and what to change.

Equipment can be upgraded over time, don’t spend 3 grand setting up (unless you have the money). When i first started I just used my phone on a stand and a cheap external mic that clipped into my phone that i could move a metre in front of me for a better audio quality. Audio over picture is what I’ve heard is best and going by my videos I’d agree. I still got subscribers and viewers.

After 3 months i bought some lighting. I was recording in the day and the light made distracting shadows all over the walls. I have photography lights that are on stands. Placed either side of the room pointing at me. It has definitely helped especially with making the cover photos for the videos! See link below:


A month later i knew i needed a bigger space to record in, which i don’t have so I found clip on wide angle lenses that you can clip onto your phone. Ideal! Quality is great and they are from amazon. I’ll link below. This was a major game changer.


Then it was time for the mic. I researched a lot and I ended up with the rode wireless go and I wasn’t disappointed, this was the most expensive thing I had to buy but it is definitely worth it. Quality is amazing just check out my video below. Make sure you get the right cable for plugging into your phone, I had to get this separately (a grey side and a black side plug in)


All of this i am still using with my phone and honestly the quality is great. I cant afford a canon camera right now but that’s next on my list.

The next thing. It takes time. It takes alot of time to build up a youtube channel. There are billions of videos being uploaded daily and it takes youtube a while to figure out which ones are going well and which ones to push infront of a bigger audience. This is why consistency is key. If someone follows you, they want to see content from you. Keep showing up and work with the followers you have.

It also takes a lot of unpaid time. Recording the videos, editing the videos, uploading, writing the description and tags and advertising it consistently once it’s up. You really have to be dedicated and have a passion for it if you want to make it work!

Ask viewers to subscribe at the beginning and end of the video. People need to be told what to do otherwise they may not subscribe even if they really enjoyed your content. Advertise your videos everywhere once they are uploaded, i mean everywhere and not just once. How else are people going to know you have one out?

Checking your analytics once in a while (don’t do it too often, don’t get obsessed) to check which videos are performing is great to see what people want from you. Id recommend once a month.

For me personally i have to work around a toddler so setting days and times to record and treating it like a business is a good idea and means i can really concentrate on what i am filming and give it 100 percent.

Another thing is to plan, plan, plan. Write your class, list the poses make sure you know exactly what you are doing before you go infront of the camera otherwise you will be spending alot of time editing. Again unpaid time.

Put a Disclaimer in the description, this is very important. Obviously you need insurance aswell if you can but having a disclaimer is also great. Try get both!

And lastly have fun. If it starts becoming a chore and your struggling maybe its not for you. Think of yourself and your health first always.

Any questions, feel free to drop them below or head over to instagram and give me a message.


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