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Let’s go yoga – Facebook Group


How many facebook groups are you in? Do any of them specifically look after your mental health? How many of them are you in but never even look at?

If you are not following me on Facebook or are not currently on my email list you may not know that during the last lockdown I set up a Facebook group called ‘let’s go yoga’. This group is all about having a community of like minded people where we can come and find a little self healing through yoga, meditation and discussions.

You can share anything that you have found useful for your own self care and mental health through videos, meditations, quotes anything that is great for the mind. The point is to help others and find some inspiration yourself so that we can all live happier and calmer lives.

Through this second lockdown, people may be struggling. Some people are out of work and struggling financially, others are working double shifts and are getting burnt out. Some people are isolated and all alone while others could be stuck in an abusive household. Now is the time that we need to come together for everyone’s mental health and do what we can. Share anything that can help and get us all through this, whatever you may be going through.

The link is below if you would like to join, Lets all find a little calm in this crazy time and help others who may be struggling.


I hope you can all join and I hope you all stay safe and well.


ps. Don’t forget I have my 3 days to destress series for FREE if you head on over to www.leahyoga.co.uk to sign up now.

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