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How to nail a yoga pose goal!

I love challenges and there’s no better feeling then reaching a pose that you have been trying to get for a LONG time. Today I am going to walk you through ways to nail a pose. As always if you would prefer a video then scroll to the bottom and watch on YouTube.

Today I am sharing 8 ways to help you Master a yoga pose. These are the ways that help me whenever I have a new goal.

Tip 1 – Use The Right Yoga Mat

Some beginner mats are foamy and not that grippy which means they move when you are trying to do certain poses. For Example; in warrior 2 your legs can slip further apart or in a downward facing dog you can find your stance getting longer. Now some people like this as it can make you work harder as you engage your muscles more, however depending on what pose you are trying to nail maybe a slippery mat is actually not the best thing.

We don’t want any injuries, ever. So if you are trying to nail downward dog to crow pose for example having the mat slip away from you is definitely not going to be helpful.

The other thing is mat thickness. Now this again can be good or bad. If you are trying to do crow pose where you really need to grip the mat, having that extra padding there may not be best as your hands could slip a little easier, that being said if it is headstand that you are trying to nail then you may want a thicker mat so your head doesn’t hurt on a hard floor.

The good thing is with a headstand you can actually just double up the mat and fold it back on itself to make it thicker if you do have a thin one.

Tip 2 – Use Props

Don’t think that using props is a bad thing. When I first started yoga I thought that using props was only for beginners and you are not as good if you use them, when in actually fact the most advance yogis I have seen use props more than beginners because they aren’t afraid of what they look like using them.

They can help you to master poses and help your body get used to positions that they are not used to being in so that when you take the props away you find the pose easier.

Crow pose for example, I always used to put the block in front of my head so that I would fall on that and not the floor. Even when I could do crow I still kept it there as its reassuring, takes away the fear and made me master it a lot sooner then if I had been scared to fall. Props are friends!

Tip 3 – Do Your Research

Do some research on the pose you are trying to nail. What pose is it? Type it in google, see what comes up, maybe there will be YouTube videos on it, maybe there will be a guide on different poses to help. Find different ways to get into it, different ways to use props. You can’t go wrong with more information.

Tip 4 – Is There A Program For It?

Maybe you can find a specific program for the pose you have been trying to master? Why do a program? Because someone has already thought of the hard stuff for you, they have pieced together a way to help you nail that pose! Like my program fledgling yogi, where I help people improve their forward fold, wheel pose, splits, crow and headstand. This program isn’t officially open to the public right now, but if you are reading this I will leave a Link below. Having a step by step plan will always help you to nail poses faster!

Tip 5 – Ask A Teacher For Advice

Do you go to regular classes? Can you ask your teacher for advice on the pose. Maybe Ask a few teachers, everyone teaches differently and if you get some advice from a few, well I bet you will be doing it in no time. You can always ask on YouTube in the comments and fb videos as well. Yoga teachers are here to help you, if you have a question ask it.

Tip 6 – Dress Appropriately

This one is a little bit different but so important! Are you wearing the right clothes for your practice?

For example if you are trying to do tree pose and you are wearing baggy trousers or have slippery socks on, your foot probably isn’t going to stay up on your thigh, it will keep slipping down. Wear legging or shorts and no socks so that you have a little traction between your foot and leg to help hold it up.

Same with crow pose, if you are trying to balance your knees on the back of your arms and you have a baggy shirt on then your knees are probably going to slip off your arms.

Its a thing not many people think about until they are in the pose and wondering why its not working like it normally does, so think about what you have on. Make sure you can move in it and one that’s obvious is also jeans it is not the best thing to practice splits in.

Tip 7 – Which Body Part Do You Need To Focus On

Which part of the body does the pose you are working on need lengthening or strengthening? This is again another thing I go over in fledgling yogi. Figure out the pose you want to achieve, find out which body parts it works and then focus on them body parts.

For example if you are trying to get closer to your toes, you need to work on the ankles, the calve muscles, the hamstrings, the hips, the low back and even the shoulders. Work on all these parts to see a difference. Working on just one will take a lot longer.

Tip 8 – Daily Practice

Once you have figured all of this out, its just putting it into practice. Practice at least 5 minutes a day. Because 5 minutes a day is better than 1 hour a week. Your body needs repetition,

If you don’t practice for 6 days, your body will become tight again, you ned to keep stretching or strengthening the muscles that you need for the pose you are trying to achieve.

So get your dairy, write out a plan and if it fails just make sure that you do 5 minutes before bed, that’s it. 5 minutes before bed and I’m sure you will improve in no time.

Thank you for reading, I’d love to know your thoughts and if you would like to watch a video on this subject, click the image below.


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