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How to calm your everything. Talking, walking, thinking.

We have all had moments where we talk really fast, seem to speed walk and think 20 things at once, right? For some of us this happens a lot and it could be from a variety of things.

Some times this can happen because of things that you have no control over like ADHD. It could also be happening because of things like anxiety, overwhelm or stress.

Sometimes we even do this because we are excited and the adrenaline is pumping around are bodies.

There are a lot of reasons this could be happening to you. Can you think of 1 reason above that seems to resonate most with you?

No matter what the reason is, here is 10 ways that we can slow down the mind which in turn will slow down the body.

10 Ways to slow down

1. Recognise it

Recognise it, you know you do it, that is why you are reading this. So next time you notice that you are thinking, walking, talking too quickly, stop and ask yourself why? Is it just excitement? is it because you are nervous. Recognise what emotions are coming up for you and see if you can really find out why you are doing it? If you don’t know that is fine, keep reading.

2. Count your breath

Notice how your breathe is in these moments. Can you slow it down and count it in. Breathe in for 4 and out for 4. (you can do 3 or 2 breathes if 4 seems too much). Slowing down your breathing will slow down your heart rate which in turn slows everything else down. This can be hard to do especially if you are really anxious but take a moment and do this. If you are walking synchronize your steps to your breathe that will help slow it down.

3. Take a Pause

If when talking you seem to go really fast, try to take a breathe after every sentence. Sometimes this is enough for someone else to cut in which will force you to stop for a moment. Then really think about what you are going to say next. This one takes a lot of practice especially if you are nervous or excited because your brain wants you to get it all out. But recognise why you are doing it, slow it down and keep pausing. This goes for walking and thinking as well, just stop. Stop walking and do something that will stop you thinking. Meditation perhaps.

4. Ask for reminders

If this is a real problem for you, confide in someone close and ask them to remind you every time you do this. It can be difficult for us to always notice when we do something because it becomes a habit but if you let someone else know they can gently remind you. Give them a word to say and remember not to get frustrated with them. You asked them to do this.

5. Drink water

Not only is drinking water great for the body and the mind but you have to stop to drink. So if you find you talk fast keep a bottle of water with you and keep sipping. If out walking keep stopping to take a sip (you may have to run to the toilet, but that’s a little different). Stay hydrated and really stop and think when you take your sips.

6. Stay organised

If you are always rushing around you are trying to do too much. In modern day life we try and fit in a lot. It is the norm but does it really matter if you skip the washing for one day. Does it matter if you are 5 minutes late going to the shop. Does it really matter if you are on the phone 5 minutes longer. Slow down. Delegate jobs if you have too. You do not have to do all the things. Focus your attention on one and go for it. The rest can wait. Get a dairy if this helps, plan out your day realistically and stay organised so you are not rushing!

7. Get some rest.

If you have kids this one will resonate. What does an over tired baby or toddler do? They get restless, they get irritated, they lash out, they run around crazy instead of going to sleep. When you are overtired your body will pump out adrenaline because it thinks there must be a good reason you are staying awake (think back to cave men times and being hunted). Your body is trying to keep you safe. When this happens of course you are not going to sleep. You need to feel calm and safe to drift off. So meditate, listen to some yoga nidra, have a really good bedtime routine that will help you sleep, go to bed earlier. The more rest you get, the better the body functions and as a result you can calm it down quicker and easier.

8. Yoga and more

You know yoga was going to come up. When we move our bodies, we are first slowing down the breath. Yoga is all about breath with movement. We slow the breath and then focus on what our bodies are feeling and thinking (recognition). We move to burn off some access energy and then we slow it down and rest in savasana. Sometimes getting the energy out instead of trying to hold it back is the answer, so do some yoga, dance, move your body and then find a way to get the thoughts out, the emotions out. Maybe that’s through journaling, through crying, through laying there in savasana and noticing what’s coming up. Either way move and then let it out!

9. Music

Music can be so healing and listening to slow, calming music can trigger something in your brain to relax. Even if you only have it on in the background and aren’t paying too much attention to it.

Taken from google – “Current findings indicate that music around 60 beats per minute can cause the brain to synchronize with the beat causing alpha brainwaves. This alpha brainwave is what is present when we are relaxed and conscious.” – University of nevada, reno.

So basically, it helps your brain to slow down and stay calm.

10. Practice

All these things take practice. Take one thing at a time and really focus on it. Recognising the problem if the first step and if you have read this much you are on the right track. Keep practicing and let’s slow down.

I hope that these tips help and just know it all takes practice. Notice, do something about it and keep trying.

If you would like to find out a little more about yoga and how it helps the mind. Check out my FREE mini course – What is yoga? Click the link below.

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