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Get Closer to Your Toes FREE Series!

If you have either just started yoga or have been doing it for a while but are still struggling to touch your toes, then this FREE training is for you!

  • 3 classes to help you understand what is stopping you from getting more flexible and what you can do to improve your forward fold and flexibility with tips and exercises to take away.
  • If you are a busy parent, like myself, these classes will be kept up for a few days after so you can watch the replays. Give yourself this time, do something for you and start to see improvements.

I will be going live on:

  • Monday 15th November – 9.30am GMT
  • Wednesday 17th November – 12 Noon GMT
  • Friday 19th November – 9.30am GMT

Sign up here

Check your email (and your junk folder) once registered and join the Facebook Group!

Check out these results from the last challenge

Come and join us on the 15th November and improve your forward fold flexibility. Sign up below and join the Facebook group here.

Sign up here

Check your email (and your junk folder) once registered!

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