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Get Closer To Your Toes Challenge

Let’s gain flexibility, feel younger and get rid of them aches in the body that seem to build up!

If you feel like you are getting stiffer and like your body is getting older by the day then let’s gain some flexibility and watch as those aches and pains start easing.

About this FREE challenge

This 5 day challenge is all about helping you gain flexibility and getting you closer to touching your toes. No one wants to feel like their getting older, stiffer, unhealthy, right? We want to feel alive, free, mobile and able to actually do the things we love.

I have ran this challenge a few times now and have seen such incredible results. I know what I teach works and I can’t wait to share it with you.

We will be training on Facebook Live (replays available afterwards) for around 30 minutes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11.30am UK, 6.30am EST. This gives you a couple of days in-between to catch up if you fall behind. I know how busy life can get (I have a 5 year old and 7 pets to look after).

These trainings will be going over different things like

  • The different muscles needed to be worked in the forward fold
  • My favourite poses to maximise flexibility
  • Flexibility secrets
  • and much more

Join me live or watch the replay. There will be time to ask questions and you will have full access to me throughout the week so if anything comes up, ask away.


Come and join us and see results in just 5 days!

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