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Get Closer To Your Toes

Are you READY to discover how you can gain flexibility and what you personally need to work on to reach your toes!

Come with me on a flexibility journey to discover more about you and also see the benefits of flexibility like less bodily pain, better mental and physical health and more energy!

This series will go through…

  • The different parts of the body you need to open and stretch for forward fold flexibility
  • How strength is needed to improve flexibility
  • The different types of movement to incorporate to maximise your flexibility
  • My best exercises that has helped so many people get closer to their toes
  • A secret way to gain flexibility without even stretching!

What’s Involved?

  • 5 classes – Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday & Tuesday!
  • These Classes will be sent be email and posted inside out community group!
  • Bonuses tips and tricks may be shared in our Live Q & A Monday Evening!

About Me

I was at my most challenged/most stuck point when I had my daughter and I couldn’t find the time to fit in my hour long yoga practices that had become regular for me.

In order to achieve some improvement in my practice, I had to shift from thinking I needed to practice an hour at a time to focusing on what I needed when I could fit it in.

To learn more about this, I turned to learning about the poses individually, learning what muscles needed to be used and how to work on these in a short amount of time.

When I achieved my goals, I felt my whole yoga practice improve, I felt like I could try poses I never thought possible, I knew I could do more than I was giving myself credit for. (not just on the mat but in my life as well)

I went from being this inflexible person with no time to practice yoga to practicing regularly with shorter classes so that I could nail the pose I wanted to achieve and it worked!

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