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If you are struggling to gain flexibility, just can’t nail that crow pose and have no idea how to headstand, then maybe this is for you.

Here’s the thing…

  • Flowing through your classes and only spending a couple minutes on each pose isn’t going to get you your yogi goals fast, if it was you would already be nailing them.
  • Going through classes that aren’t specific is not going to get you closer to them.
  • Watching 5 minute tutorials is also not going to help you reach your goals
  • Being disappointed every class when you can’t quite get into the pose is not a fun way to live.

Introducing Fledgling Yogis!

A specialised yoga course focusing on the 5 main movements of yoga that will improve your ENTIRE practice. To get YOU more flexible, stronger and reaching the pose you desire.

  • Forward folds
  • Backbends
  • Hip openers
  • Arm Balances
  • Inversions

A training you can access 24/7 through your phone, laptop, tablet, wherever you are!

This course is for anyone who would like to improve their flexibility, strength and knowledge about yoga and work towards some yoga goals.

What do you get inside the Fledgling Yogis Course?

Fledgling yogis is a 5 week step by step video program that walks you through how to get into certain poses and how to reach your pose goal in just a matter of days/weeks no matter what experience you have. You get…
  • 24/7 lifetime access! including all future updates. Gain access immediately after purchase. Start your journey right away.
  • Step by step calendars for 5 movements that will help you nail many poses.
  • Warm up exercises to help you achieve flexibility/goals quicker.
  • Live Q and A’s to get feedback, answer questions and to help with anything you need. These are recorded so you can re-watch if needed.
  • Facebook group for accountability and a helping community of like minded yogis.
  • plus some bonuses!

If you would like to know more – click the link below.

Don’t miss out on this chance to transform your practice, your mind and your body. You CAN do it, with the right mindset, the right support and a step by step process, success is inevitable.

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