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Busy and stressed mum?


It has been a while since I have wrote a blog post. I have been very busy setting up my new membership.

New here? Let me introduce myself.

I’m Leah and I help stressed mums find some calmness and rediscover themselves through yoga and meditation so that they can live a happier life and find more joy in the present moment. I specialise in managing the stress levels and well-being of Mum because this means a happier life for everyone.

Are you ready? The doors are open to Lakora yoga membership –

Join me on a yoga and meditation journey that is focused on busy mums who have little time, so that they can find some calmness and clarity even in just 5 minutes a day. By joining this week you get a DISCOUNT. £15 a month instead of £20 (for as long as your a member). Change your life and make it the best one yet. Click the link below for more information.


The price will be going up on the next launch so join now to keep it at this discounted price.

I’m determined to help you find some time for yourself and help you to not just feel like ‘mum’ but a new happier version of yourself. I have classes 5 – 60 Minutes long so you can always find some time. 5 Minutes a day working on your mental health can do amazing things. You can always listen to meditations when you have a sleeping child on you, before you go to bed etc. Give it a try and see the difference Today.

Doors will be closing on 29th July.




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