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21 Day Beginners Yoga Course

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Are you new to yoga or what like to learn the basics of yoga movement, meditation and breath work. This 21 day program will teach you exactly what yoga is and how to use it in your everyday life to improve your physical and mental body. Yoga is known for its calming and positive effects and you can feel that within 21 days. Maybe even after the 1st day!

This brand new course will teach you how to:

  • Improve your physical and mental well being
  • Teach you some yogic self-care techniques
  • Start your yoga practice with knowledge on all things yoga
  • Slow down to ease stress and anxiety

This course involves talks, exercises and classes to help you start or continue on your journey. You do not have to be flexible, you do not have to have an hour every single day to do this. This self paced course means you get to decide your calendar and have lifetime access so there is no rush whatsoever.

By the end of it, you’ll be able to understand the basic terms of yoga, Know how to adapt your yoga practice to suit your body and use the tools of yoga to assist your life.

You might be feeling:

  • Unsure on what yoga is
  • Unfit and unhealthy
  • Inflexible and unsure where to start with yoga
  • Tired with no energy

Imagine if you:

  • Felt confident in your self care practice
  • Felt More flexible and mobile
  • had more energy
  • Felt better in your mental health

All that, and more, is possible when you take the step by step path inside Lakora Beginners.

This course consists of 7 modules each with a talk and a class to help you learn yogic terms and put them into practice. Take this course at your own pace and have lifetime access!