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Yoga Clothing!

I have had so many of you ask about the clothing i am wearing in my videos so i thought i would do a quick blog about my favourite ones. I am an ambassador for some of these, so i will drop my codes below and it means i will get a small percentage if you purchase any products from them.

I only work with a brand if i truly believe that others will like them as much as me and am completely honest in my reviewing below.


My black yoga mat and the above outfits are from vayumudra. This is the best mat i have used for grip. I have never slipped on this mat, i think most of the expensive mats are made from this material and its easy to see why. Its the only mat i haven’t slipped on.

The outfit is sooo comfy. I can see why they call it naked feel. Definitely my most worn outfit aswell. Not hard to see why vayumudra is so popular. The only thing i would say with the outfit is that if you have pets, be prepared for cat hair to stick to it. I usually brush it down with a pet brush when i put it on.

Blossom yoga wear

This company is based in the uk, i love supporting smaller companies in my own country. Because they are in the uk i feel they understand English yogis alot better. So these leggings are quite thick which is needed with our weather. They remind me of surf leggings. Plus they do cute vests to get with them.

Just strong

The main thing i love about just strong is that its so easy to become an ambassador. Just ask them and they will give you a discount code. Once you have ordered you can be part of their facebook group which includes a group of such supportive people.

Also in winter months in the uk you need something with a bit more covering so this top is perfect.


I think this has got to be my favourite outfit. I love the colour, the design, the fit.

I found queenieke on amazon. Searching affordable yoga wear and it had great reviews so i ordered. I wasnt dissapointed and after posting some pictures to instagram they got in contact with me and sent me free clothing to try as long as i reviewed them honestly. I loved all the clothing. This was around 2018.

Since then they have brought out new items and i think the quality is slacking on some things but they still have their older items like the one im wearing above. I would just check out the reviews before buying. Im not sure where this company is located but they are definitely affordable.

The discounts posted are affiliate links. By buying through these codes you will be helping me recieve a little bit of commission.

I hope you love them as much as me if you do give them a go and let me know what you think.

15% off @vayumudra code: leah15
15% off @blossomyogawear code: leah15
10% off @juststrong code: leahhyne10

Queenie ke green top above. https://amzn.to/33NccMJ


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