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Puppy Time and Moving House


I thought I would just do a quick life update seeing as I seem to have a lot going on at the moment and haven’t been too regular about posting on social media.

So in the last 2 weeks we have sold our house, in the process of buying a house, bought a puppy and my husband has got a new job in a different county, Cornwall.

Having the puppy means it’s been back to very little sleep, cleaning pee up constantly and then to add lots of house searching right on top of Christmas. We sure know how to plan things, right?

If you would like to see what we have been up to you can check out my personal YouTube channel – The Hyne Life. We started documenting our adventures when we decided we wanted to move to Portugal, unfortunately that plan is now out the window but a new adventure is taking place.

Check out The Hyne Life Here –

As For The YOGA –

Our Online Live Membership is still going and growing. We now have over 50 classes inside the app that you can catch the replay for. We go live Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 30 minutes to help keep you accountable and showing up. Keep an eye out for the pup interruptions which I’m sure will be a regular thing for a while.

We have a 5 day deep stretch challenge coming out on YouTube from 1st Jan. Members can gain access now inside the app. So keep your eyes peeled for that one.

Don’t forget to practice with us online, subscribe and hit the bell notification button to be notified every time a new class is uploaded. I know we are all busy which is why I keep these classes short but effective. Check out the latest classes below –

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