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It’s My Birthday!

It’s my birthday on 10th April and to celebrate my 35th birthday I am making all of my programs £35 for my birthday only! That’s £10 off my entire collection including my brand new splits program.

This discount will only be available on 10th April. So check out my programs below so you can be ready to catch them at this lowest price on Monday. They will never be this low again, ill never have a 35th birthday again.

If you are new to yoga or feel inflexible then these 2 are for you:

Lakora Beginners – Come and learn what yoga is and start your yoga journey to selfcare today. With beginner classes, meditations and breathwork to help you destress and stop overwhelm.

Touch your toes – Come and gain flexibility with the first pose that most people want to achieve. Gaining flexibility and losing your joints, helps to shift energy around in your body helping you have a clearer and more positive mind.

If you have been practicing yoga for a little while and already have a basic understanding them check out my more advanced options

Crow Pose – Come and have fun whilst trying to balance on your hands. Crow pose is much more than strength and within this course you will learn resilience and determination like never before. Come and see just what you are capable of and see that radiate into your life.

Front splits – Gaining flexibility can shift energy and have you feeling better mentally and physically. So let’s take it further and loosen up even more with this splits program.

Remember this discount is only here for 1 day and it is the lowest these programs will ever be. So take advantage whilst you can and lets shift some energy, gain some flexibility and have some fun!