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Free Programs

28 day yoga checklist

28 day checklist with short 5 minute yoga classes to help you stay consistent in your practice and build a habit!

This is completely free!

What is Yoga?

Beginners Guide to Yogic Terms & Sun Salutations

This mini course will help you understand the terms that Yoga Teachers use (in less than an hour!).

Flexibility challenge

Wanting to gain flexibility but struggle with time? Try this 5 day challenges. Classes are only 10 minutes long and we have seen amazing results

This is completely free!

Yoga for Balance

A 50 Minute Workshop looking at how to create some balance in our busy parenting lives. With Yoga, Journaling and Meditation for our bodies, souls and minds.

Hatchling Yogi

Programs great for beginners, the inflexible and anyone new to yoga

Lakora Beginners £45

A 21 Day program to break into the world of yoga. Learn about movement, meditation and breathing exercises.

Talks and practiced to help you understand what yoga is and to help you get started.

Touch Your Toes Flexibility Course £45

A 25 Day Course to help you gain flexibility in your forward fold and get you closer to touching your toes.

Let’s work through the different muscles needed to lengthen to help you gain flexibility PLUS bonus classes.

Fledgling Yogi

Programs for intermediate yogis who are working on improving their yoga postures but know how to listen to their own body

Crow Pose £45

A 25 day program to help you get your crow pose. Specifically going over the different body parts needed to help you gain strength, flexibility and skill to hold your crow pose.

Front Splits £45

A 25 day program to help inflexible yogis deepen their front splits. Lets stretch and strengthen the muscles needed to help our bodies stretch in this way.

Starling Yogi

For those who want deeper support in their Journey with 1-1 classes or group support

1 – 1 Classes £100

A block of 5 x 30 minute classes to help you on your yoga journey and improve your physical yoga poses. Fill out the form, leave your name, number and email and I will contact you ASAP for a consultation.

Mindful Moments & Movements £695

An 8 Week Group Coaching Course to help parents destress. With yoga classes, meditations and talks.

Starts 22nd May!