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Get Closer to Your Toes – Challenge

A five day challenge to help you gain flexibility in your forward folk. Classes are only ten minutes each, so are easy to fit in!

How close will you get in just five days?

What is Yoga?

Beginners Guide to Yogic Terms & Sun Salutations

This mini course will help you understand the terms that Yoga Teachers use (in less than an hour!).

Yin Collection

Fifteen Yin Classes to help with your Flexibility. Poses are held for around five minutes.

10, 25 & 60 minutes classes.

The Mindful Stretch Program

Five, twenty minute classes to help you gain Flexibility in the five main ways the body moves.

Feel the difference!

Lakora Yoga Membership

Twice a week (Monday & Friday) Interactive Classes.

Accountability & Community (plus access to all replays).

Fledgling Yogi

Let’s learn to fly!

Crow & Headstand practice, with more poses being added regularly!

Five Day Flexibility Challenge

Get Full Body Flexible in Five Days!

Join the Free Flexibility Challenge, NOW!