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I can’t believe they Featured me!

As an experienced and dedicated yoga teacher, my mission is to empower individuals like yourself to unlock their full flexibility potential. I have witnessed first hand the incredible benefits that come from developing a flexible body, including improved posture, reduced risk of injuries, and enhanced physical performance. Not to mention it has REALLY improved my parenting!

But don’t just take my word for it. My expertise and dedication have been recognized by prominent platforms in the wellness and yoga communities.

I have been featured on 2 majorly influential podcasts and yogi flight schools blog, check it out below!

Conversions with Sarah

Self-Care Queen, Sarah Reddan is a qualified Counsellor, Hypnotherapist & Mindfulness practitioner on a mission to educate, empower & enable busy women to prioritise themselves and create a life they love. In this episode I join Self-Care Queen Sarah to have a conversation about Yoga, we discuss overcoming some of the barriers to creating a regular yoga practice, and how yoga can be adapted to make yoga accessible for everyone.

The Wellness 4 Women Show

Faye is passionate about Women’s Health and wellness. She has so many discussions surrounding real issues and individual’s experiences relating to Women’s Health and wellbeing and covers issues ranging from pregnancy to mental-well-being to pelvic health and the menopause and offer frank discussions around matters that are not often talked about.

Yogi Flight School

Nathania Stambouli is the owner of yogi flight school where she helps aspiring ninjas stand on their hands. But secretly she helps them overcome limiting beliefs and is just a wonderful human being. I wrote this blog post for her website a while ago on how parents can really benefit from gaining flexibility. Take a read by clicking the image above.

I am truly passionate about helping individuals like yourself experience the transformative power of flexibility. It goes beyond physical benefits, extending to mental and emotional well-being. Imagine feeling more relaxed, reducing stress, and enhancing the mind-body connection through improved flexibility.

If you’re ready to embark on this exciting journey, I invite you to join my FREE 5 day training that is happening on July 10th (click here to join). Together, we will work towards increasing your flexibility and achieving your goals. I will provide expert guidance and support to ensure your success. Plus there are prizes to be won!

Thank you for being apart of my community. I am committed to helping you reach new levels of flexibility, transforming your body and mind in the process.

Wishing you a flexible and fulfilling path ahead.


If the links above didn’t work here they are:

Conversations with Sarah

Wellness 4 Women Show

Yogi Flight School Blog