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Flexibility Challenge Results

Last week I ran a flexibility challenge and the results were so incredible I want to share them with anyone who thinks that it takes years to see results. Obviously the longer you work the better the results are going to be but this week we were only practicing for 15 minutes a day and the results speak for them selves.

This challenge is still running and will available until 26th June (so jump in now if you also want results like this)

We focused every day on a different movement :

  • day 1 – forward bend
  • day 2 – backbending
  • day 3 – side bending
  • day 4 – twisting
  • day 5 – hip opening

Participants are happy for me to share their incredible results.

Aren’t these incredible! If you would like results like this then there is still time to join. Click the button below and start practicing with us.

See you on the mat!

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