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Do you want to Touch Your Toes?

Brand New touch your toes flexibility course. This course is 25 days long but you will have lifetime access! This yoga course is perfect for gaining flexibility and strength in your forward folds and finally be able to reach them toes.

If you would like to go a little deeper into learning about your forward fold flexibility and getting even closer to your toes then this is for you.

We will be going over the main areas of the body that you need to open up to ensure that you can gain some flexibility, because it’s not just the hamstrings we need open for our forward folds. You can decide which area you need to focus on to really maximise your own personal flexibility.

You can follow our 25 day calendar which has been designed to maximise your forward fold flexibility within in a month or take this at your own pace and focus on the area where you personally need it the most.

With bonus yoga classes to help you get even deeper you will soon be feeling more flexible and mobile.

What is included?

  • 25 day calendar to follow if you prefer structure
  • 3 x area focused classes for flexibility
  • 1 x fascia release class (get deeper into the tissues)
  • 1 x strength class (keep your body safe while you stretch)
  • bonus recorded classes all focused on helping you get deeper into your forward fold

PLUS you get lifetime access and access to any updates that are made in the future.

So come and join us and gain flexibility and see a major improvement in your forward fold in just 25 days!

Don’t want to commit just yet? That’s ok, check out our free 5 day challenge here – CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE FREE CHALLENGE