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Apple pancakes for vata pacifying

After an ayurvedic consultation with aimee stapleford (aimeewellbeing on instagram) , who is amazing btw. I have changed my diet slightly to help me balance my doshas. (helps me with stress, anger and anxiety)

I just had to share this because they were so yummy and cruelty free 😉 Apple pancakes! How have i never done these before??? They are so yummy, Alexis actually threw a fit when they were all gone 🤣.

1 peeled and grated apple
1 cup oat milk
¾ plain flour
½ tsp baking powder
2 tbsp olive oil

topping – cinnamon and a little golden syrup

Cook as you would normal pancakes, blend, pour, flip eat.

So good if you have a major sweet tooth like me but are trying to cut back, the apple in it makes it healthy right? 🤣

If you try them let me know how they are.

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