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5 poses to help with arm balances

Arm balances require alot of strength, mindset and practice. Practice these 5 poses daily and watch your arm balances improve.

Easy Chaturanga. Chaturanga is a difficult pose to master. It requires alot of strength and if done wrong can cause alot of damage. So its always a good idea to practice on your knees. Check your allignment. Elbows in line wrists and forearms parallel to the floor.

Dolphin pose is great for shoulder strength and flexibility and learning to keep your forearms parallel and shoulder width apart. A great strengthening pose for arm balances.

Using a block, really push your hands together and squeeze the block. Another great strengthening exercise for the shoulders and arms. You cab do this pose seated, arms in front or raised or even behind your back.

Downward facing dog is an amazing pose to strengthen everything. Learning to hug the forearms together and bring everything to the midline. And this itself can be classed as an arm balance. Another great strengthening pose.

And lastly full Chaturanga. Elbows above wrists. Shoulders inline with elbows. Try to lower the bum inline with the rest (mine is a little high in this pic) again be careful with allignment if this is a difficult one then lower the knees.

If you look at most arm balances they use Chaturanga arms with various positions of the legs. That’s why this pose is key to good arm balances. But work on it safely and mindfully.

Let me know how you get on!

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