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The benefits of ‘gaining’ Flexibility

So many people believe that they are inflexible, that they have never been flexible and it is just the way that their body is. This is actually wrong.

We are born flexible, we lose it over time. Have you seen a baby sucking it’s toes like its nothing? Of course babies are flexible so that they can be born BUT as kids if they repeat the range of motion their body can do they would stay flexible.

It is true however that for some people it can be a lot harder than others to regain that flexibility once it is lost. If we don’t move our bodies regularly into certain positions we can see increased stiffness in our joints, and a loss of elasticity in muscles and tendons. This causes are bodies to slow down, we can see more injuries and can effect our balance and posture.

Now you know how you loose it, what are the benefits of gaining flexibility?

There are so many but the main ones are:

  • fewer injuries
  • less pain
  • improved posture and balance
  • better mental health
  • increased mobility
  • improves circulation
  • can actually increase your strength

As you can see there are a lot of benefits to becoming flexible. It can improves your physical and mental health which in turn creates balance not only in your body but in your mind as well. When we are balanced we feel a sense of calm and happiness.

If you need help gaining flexibility then keep reading.

One way that I help my students gain flexibility is by helping them with the 5 main ways the body moves. which is:

  • forward bend
  • backbend
  • side bend
  • twisting
  • hip opening

When you focus on these movements your whole body will feel the benefits of flexibility and you will start to see all the amazing benefits listed above plus a few others for the different movements (improvement in digestion, released tension in neck, stronger abdominals, release stored emotions and so many more)

If you would like to see these benefits for yourself as well as gain flexibility (complete beginners to practiced yogis welcome) then click the button below to join the FREE flexibility challenge that starts 13th June.

In this 5 day challenge we will go over these 5 main movements and learn exactly what they do and how to improve your flexibility in them so that you can see incredible results in just 15 minutes.

Check out some results from our previous challenges

If you want to see some improvement in your flexibility plus these amazing mind and body benefits then come and join us on 13th June for only 15 minutes a day and see incredible results like these ladies.

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