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September YouTube’s

Hi guys,

A big thank you to everyone who has liked and subscribed since my first post, I didn’t expect so much so fast, you’re awesome and I’m so excited to have you joining me for this journey!

I hope that, if you’ve explored any of the videos or classes I’m putting out, you’ve all enjoyed them! Just to recap we have had…

The last of our Chakra Series. 7 videos, over 7 weeks, working through the Chakras to release any trapped energy that might be occuring in our bodies.

We’ve also had a 10 minute Guided Meditation. I loved doing this and have had such great feedback that I plan on doing more! Let me know in the comments, what you thought of it and anything you’d like to explore!

Our Autumn Equinox class to welcome in the new season. To find balance in our lives, to look inwards and to open our bodies and our minds up to new things to come.

If you missed it, there was also a live intro to yoga in my facebook group ‘lets go yoga’ its saved so go check it out.

I love to form my classes and videos around the people doing them, so as always, please feel welcome to let me know if there is anything you want to see next month, anything you are working on, or need right now!

I hope you all enjoyed this last month, thanks again for joining me and here’s to many more years of our adventure together!

And of course i have my 3 days to destress which is available now for FREE, just head to leahyoga.co.uk to sign up.


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