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October Videos

Once again thank you all so much for joining me. I love seeing our community grow and the help we are giving each other. I hope you have all found some peace and clarity within our classes this month.

So just a recap, this month we have had …

Our 3 days to destress series launch. So grateful to how many of you have signed up, i hope it’s helped and remember they will be in your inbox forever so you can always go back to them whenever you need.

On YouTube we have had our mindfulness technique video (i plan on doing more of these as i learn more about meditation).


Our evening yoga class. A short 15 minute yoga practice to do before bed to help us unwind from the day and relax so we can have a better nights sleep.


Basic beginner yoga or ‘new to yoga’ this class is based around allignment and the well known yoga poses that most people have heard of but may not know how to do correctly. Helping you to get a basic understanding of yoga or improve your current practice. Its great to have a beginners mind with things. Im going to be touching on this in January so stay updated.


Over in the subscription group we have been focusing on different ways that the body moves. I hope you have all enjoyed i will definitely be working more on this as i find it fascinating and also really fun and playful. I hope you picked up on that.


If there is anything you would like to see from me in the future as always let me know. My aim is too help you so let me know if there is something you really want to learn and ill see what i can do.

Happy Halloween and ill see you all next month for some new yoga videos and fresh flows.


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