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How to feel empowered and stop the mum guilt

I know we usually write about yoga and yoga is going to come up but I wanted to talk to you today about how to feel confident, empowered and how to stop the mum guilt that most of us parents face daily.

Now, I am not saying I am an expert at this. I get mum guilt all the time but it’s how we deal with it that matters and how we move forward.

As parents sometimes we are afraid of spending time on ourselves even when we know that we need it. We can feel like we are being selfish and this is when the mum guilt sets in, this can be a vicious cycle because if we don’t get time to focus on ourselves every now and then we get more overwhelmed and more then likely take it out on the kids, partner and everyone else but if we do spend time on ourselves then we are being selfish and missing out on time with the kids. Ever felt like this?

how to feel empowered and stop the mum guilt

We all want that perfect Instagram life of happy quiet kids playing, a night to ourselves with Netflix and maybe a glass of wine chilling with our partners and most of all feeling happy and proud of how the day went with no regrets!

How do we get that? Well we need to be in control of our emotions, we need control our breath and our reactions. We can do that by understanding how we feel so we can deal with it in the right controlled way. Yoga (I told you it would come up) is a great tool to start understanding your mind and your body.

When you do the odd workout or take the odd bath for some you time it’s not quite enough to change your mindset you need to go deeper and really understand what it is you need to work on and being on the mat is a great place to figure that out.

how to feel empowered and stop the mum guilt

So many yoga teachers will tell you that what happens on the mat happens in your life as well and it is so true. If you are trying to rush through your yoga practice, notice where that comes up in your life, are you always rushing around the house with a million things to do, rushing your kids (which really stressed them out)?

Do you not want to start exercise? Do you do the odd 5 minutes here and there but can’t stick to it? Where else does that show up in your life? Do you always start things and not see them through? Yoga is a great place to really rediscover yourself and figure out your needs and wants so you can take it out into your life and start living the life you actually want.

Once you figure this out you will be feeling so much more empowered because you will be confident to know what you want and go for it. You can show your kids that you can regulate your emotions and that self care is important. Kids copy what they see, show them that taking care of your mind and your body is such an important thing to do.

When you understand your mind and your body more the mum guilt becomes easier to handle. You will know that self care is something you cannot skip! You will start to see the benefits of your mind being in a calmer place and being able to handle the kids better. You can learn breathing exercises and tools that can instantly calm you down and stop you reacting negatively so that you and your children can be in a happier place.

I am not saying that this is a quick fix, this is something you will need to work on daily. I still do but the difference between now and a couple years ago is incredible and I want you to feel that as well.

So jump on your mat and let’s start, even if that is 5 minutes a day. Do some yoga, be more mindful of how you are reacting and see the difference between you, your kids and your partner.

How to stop mum guilt

If you would like to start your yoga journey then come and join my FREE flexibility challenge happening on 13th June. When we work on our flexibility we actually can release stuck emotions, reduce bodily pain and feel calmer in our minds. All things that parents really need. So sign up by clicking the button below and I will see you on the 13th June.

Just reading this is a step in the right direction, so feel proud of yourself because this shows you care and want to be a better person and parent.

Leah x

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