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How can yoga can help with confidence

(scroll to the bottom if you would prefer to watch a YouTube video about to this subject)

When we think about yoga, we think about being calm, relaxed and gaining flexibility. We don’t necessarily think about it as a tool that can build your confidence. BUT this is exactly what yoga can do and today you will learn how.

If you have never done yoga before it can be a daunting experience especially if you are in an in person yoga class with people who seem to know exactly what they are doing (cue the insecurities). However what you will soon realise is that we have all been there and it is actually a very welcoming space and no one is even paying attention to what you can and cant do. Doing yoga online is also an option and can take away some of these fears as you are doing it on your own.

When we are doing yoga whether in person or at home, we are completely focusing on our own bodies and mind. We tune out to the rest of the world and end up listening to our inner thoughts, the tightness in our bodies, the way we can move. We are in our own little bubble.

Most of us are always focused on other people and things that we need to do, that we rarely just sit with ourselves and listen to what we need, to what we actually want in life.

What I mean by this is that if we take a moment to just sit, what comes up for you? Do you suddenly realise that you are actually really thirsty? Do you notice that your not feeling 100 percent? Maybe you are getting sick? Is your body aching? Are your thoughts coming in faster than you can process them? Do you realise that this isn’t the life you wanted to have?

When you can do this (and it takes practice, a lot of practice) You become more clear on who you really are and what you need in life meaning you can start to make the changes. When you are clear in what you want you can figure out how to get it and that alone is going to make you feel more confident and empowered in your life.

What is the definition of confidence? According to google it is:

‘the feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something’

If you can understand yourself and make the decisions that you need you are completely relying on yourself to get you where you need to be. So when you know what you want and you go after it, That is confidence!

Working on yourself through yoga or any type of self care gives you an advantage. When you are happier in yourself you can serve others better and this is where a lot of the population are going wrong. They are so focused on trying to be the best mum, the best wife, the best cleaner, the best friend that they forget about themselves and end up trying to fill everyone else’s cups from an empty bucket.

When your cup is full you can help others in a much better way and still have enough left over to feel great yourself and not overwhelmed, exhausted and deprived. This alone is going to give you confidence.

Another way that yoga can help with confidence is the simple way of moving your body. Maybe you shock yourself with what you can do, how far you can stretch, that you can balance on your hands. All of these things can give you a boost of endorphins and can make you feel amazing. I for one definitely felt confident and fricking awesome when I managed to hold my crow pose.

Now if you can’t do these poses, yes it can feel a little disheartening but then you GET to work on them. You get to improve. You get to show up for yourself day after day and see the improvement within and that is an incredibly empowering thing to witness.

Change them ‘I can’t’ and ‘I won’t’ thoughts into ‘ I get to’ and ‘I will’ and notice the mindset shift that will change your life.

So get on your mat! Show up for yourself, Understand your needs, See what your body can do and most importantly Listen to what it tells you and turn it into something positive and be confident in yourself!

If you would like to try a few yoga classes yourself and see and feel exactly what I am talking about then check out my YouTube channel below with over 100 classes to choose from. Just Pick your time and your focus and get on the mat!

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