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FREE Flexibility Challenge

If you have been trying to gain flexibility but aren’t seeing improvements. There could be a few reasons why.

Maybe you aren’t practicing enough, maybe you are not doing the right techniques or maybe you aren’t focusing on the right areas.

In my FREE 5 day challenge, we are going to go over the 5 main ways the body moves and help you gain flexibility in these areas.

These are:

  • Forward Fold
  • Backbending
  • Side bending
  • Hip opening
  • Twisting

Every day we will focus on one of the above and the classes are inly 15 minutes long.

I know what your thinking, I can’t gain flexibility in just 15 minutes, can I? Well, check out the results from the last time we ran this challenge….

If you would like to see results like this, then come and join us.

This is great for beginners or anyone new to yoga that really wants to start seeing some improvement in their poses.

It doesn’t matter if you are a busy mum, you can fit in these 15 minute classes at any point during the day as replays will be available.

Self-care is important and working on your flexibility does wonders for the mind. So come and join us and feel and see the difference for yourself.

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