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Benefits of online yoga classes.

The world is a little crazy right now isn’t it. Everything seems to have moved online which in my opinion is the way things were going anyway. Modern day seems to be all about technology and getting whatever you want at the click of a button so why not get a yoga class like that?

I know you don’t get the same spiritually warming feeling as an in person class and there are definitely alot of benefits to going to a class in person but read on before you dismiss it completely.

I’ve had quite a few people ask me if I’m going to teach in person or keep it all online. Honestly, i wanted it all online because for me personally i wanted to help people like myself, who want to do it from the comfort of their own home or are maybe are too anxious to go to a class. Don’t get me wrong i will be teaching in person at some point (once the world returns to some normality) but for now online is where i can help the most people.

I got interested in yoga because of social media, instagram mainly. Seeing the beautiful poses with meaningful captions just mesmerized me. Seeing the flows and the creativity that went into them. I got hooked. They looked like elegant dancers with such an amazingly calm lifestyle. I knew i needed more to life and social media brought that to me, so as much as it gets a bad rep, for me, it was my saviour.

I was too nervous to go to a yoga studio, i thought they were all gonna be filled with people who knew exactly what they were doing and were really flexible (i could barely touch ny knees when i started, let alone my toes)… You know what I’m talking about right?

So what did i do? I looked on youtube. Luckily there are so many classes there, it didnt take me long to find a teacher i liked and i started doing it once a week. In the comfort of my own home. I could wear what i wanted, i wasnt worried about what i looked like compared to others and the main thing if i farted (which is common) i wouldnt get embarrassed. Yes it happens to everyone.

After a few months of practicing i started an instagram, i started doing challenges, started hosting challenges and then i realised yoga was now such an important part of my life, not just for the physical benifits but it would help me when i was stressed, upset, feeling rough, basically anything i felt, yoga could help with. It was changing my life and all this without going to a single in person class.

That’s when i realized i wanted to teach this amazing gift with others and the way that it helped me, online.

So hear i am nearly finished my 300hr teacher training and teaching amazing students online who just like me, needed some at home quiet time with something that is hopefully changing their lives.

Who doesnt love rocking out of bed and doing yoga in their pajamas while sipping tea, in the comfort of their own home. You can’t really do that in a yoga studio.

So come and join me either in my monthly subscription group or over on youtube and feel the amazing benefits online yoga has to offer.



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