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A Quick Bedtime Yoga Routine

If you struggle with getting to sleep because your mind is racing then try this quick yoga class to help settle you before bed. If you haven’t already seen the bedtime routine blog go and check it out and do it right after this class for the best nights sleep!

This routine was created to help release tension and help your mind relax before bedtime. This quick bedtime yoga routine will have you feeling calm and ready for sleep. Watch the video down below or just follow these steps.

Step 1.

Side stretch, sit in a comfortable seated position and gently bend over to one side feeling a stretch down the side of the body. Breath into it for a couple of breathes.

Step 2.

Gentle Twist. Gently Twist to one side using your hands to pull yourself around. Remember this is a gentle stretch so don’t go to far.

Step 3.

Butterfly Pose. Gently open the hips bringing the soles of the feet together. With length in the spine lean forwards.

Step 4.

One Legged Forward Fold. Bring one leg out long and the other against the inside thigh and fold forward gently. Repeat on the other side.

Step 5.

Thread the needle pose. Come to all 4s. Thread one arm under the armpit of the other and rest down on your shoulder and ear. Bring the hand that is above your head out long and relax into your shoulders.

Step 6.

Savasana. Take a moment to lay on your back, slow down your breathing and relax the tension out of the whole body.

To watch the video and get more instruction with this sequence, plus extra poses. Watch the video below.

I hope this helps to improve your sleep. Don’t forget to share this in case anyone else needs to hear it ๐Ÿ™‚ Because better sleep creates happier people!



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