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8 tips for helping you stay consistent in your yoga practice

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It can be really difficult to stay consistent with a new habit especially one that you have to prepare for, make time for and try to do it when you are on your own especially if you are a parent.

Being a mum myself, I know the difficulties of this. I have faced them for 5 years and it took me a while to keep up my practice. I would practice for a couple weeks and then something would come up and I would get out of the habit and feel like I had to start all over again or wait until the 1st of the month (I’m not sure why, maybe I’m a little OCD with dates)

So today I am sharing my top 8 tips to help you stay consistent in your yoga practice. Especially if you are a parent and are trying to practice with kids at home.

pyramid pose, how to stay consistent in your yoga practice

8 tips for consistency


Write it in your diary. I know this sounds like the obvious thing but when you are looking through at your week or day ahead and you see that there it is going to jog your memory and help you to practice. Make sure its non negotiable. It is in your diary and you WILL do it today.


Know that it doesn’t have to be an hour long practice. Start with 5 minutes, if you want to do more after do another 5 minute practice. If we think that we have to have an hour to practice yoga every single day then we are more than likely not going to get it done but if it is only 5 minutes, you can fit that it easily. If you get to the end of the day and realise that you haven’t practiced you can do a quick 5 minutes before bed and you will feel so much better knowing that you did it.


Have a goal. When you are working towards something it gives you motivation. This is why yoga calendars are such a big thing inside my membership. It helps keep you consistent, you know what you are doing everyday and you have more motivation to do it because you want to reach that goal. Challenges are a great way to stay consistent in your yoga practice. If you would like to work on your flexibility then check out the link at the end of this blog to sign up for a free flexibility challenge.


Start taking care of your mind. This one is crucial. When you can focus more on your self care you will know how important it is to make time to look after your body and your mind so you will WANT to do yoga more. You can read self care books like – Sarah Reddans – start your self care journey. These will help you to stay motivated.


Practice with friends. Find someone who is also practicing yoga and practice together. If none of your friends are interested then join a yoga community like a membership (hint hint). There’s something great about online zoom classes because you are all there doing it together but from the comfort of your home. If you are interested in a membership then click here to sign up for the waitlist to Lakora Yoga Membership – WAITLIST


Use props. Props are so underrated. A lot of the yoga poses can be inaccessible to people but this is why we have props to help us achieve poses that we may find challenging for our bodies. Every body is different and we are not all going to be able to do poses the same. Some great props you can use are yoga blocks, bolsters, straps, acupuncture balls, knee pads and blankets. These improve your practice, please don’t think that you are no good because you are using them. The most famous yogis insist on using props and use them in their own practices.


Give yourself a break. If you miss a class it is not the end of the world, you do not need to start all over again from the beginning. Just count it as a rest day and carry on again when you can. We all have times when we can’t practice. We get poorly, have no time, have injuries. I used to be like this with workout calendars, If I missed a day I felt like I would have to start back at day 1 and I really didn’t. It meant I never finished the calendar and also meant that I felt like a failure which is really not the case. Having a better mindset about this would of meant that I could of completed the calendar at my own time and felt a lot more happier which in turn would have me doing more and staying more consistent.


Try different types of yoga. If you really are not feeling your usual vinyasa practice then try a yin or restorative class that is a little slower. If you really are not up to a physical practice then try some meditations. Just make sure that you get back into the physical when you can and aren’t just making excuses to skip it, you will only be hurting your own practice. You can always start back in slow with yin or restorative.

low lunge twist. 8 tips to stay consistent in your yoga practice with Lakora Yoga

I hope that these tips have helped and that you will start seeing a difference in your consistency. Make them goals, do shorter classes and know that they are a necessity, they are part of your self care routine and you NEED it.

Happy practicing.

PS. If you are working on your forward fold flexibility then check out the Get closer to your toes challenge. 5 days of classes only 10 minutes long to really help you gain flexibility.

Forward fold, touch your toes challenge. FREE flexibility challenge to help you stay consistent in your yoga practice with Lakora Yoga

Prefer to watch a video on this subject? Check out the video below.

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