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5 things to know before going to your first yoga class

When you first walk into your first yoga class it can be daunting. I’ve been there. You feel like you have no idea what’s about to happen, maybe you will look stupid because you can’t do any of the poses, maybe you don’t even have a mat yet. Here are 5 things to know that will help you before you attend your first yoga class and help you feel confident in attending.


Know you are not the first. Everyone has had to start at the beginning at some point. Everyone has been in this position. Sometimes just remembering that can help, everyone will know how you feel and what you are going through.


No one judges. Don’t ever feel like you have no idea what you are doing and people are judging you. I have been to loads of yoga classes and in every single one there is always something I haven’t heard or something that is new. Not everyone knows the poses or can quiet their mind. If you could hear everyone’s mind when in a yoga class, the room would be sooooo loud. The thing is, that everyone is concentrating on themselves. They are not looking around the room and judging, they are completely self focused and trying to work on their own body and mind. One of the biggest parts of yoga is to learn how to drop your ego and that is where this tip comes in. It’s knowing that the only one who cares so much about yourself is yourself. Everyone is there focusing completely on themselves.


If you don’t have a mat, call ahead of time and let them know. Most yoga studios will have spares but if you let them know, they can make sure one is definitely available for you. It is very common for a beginner to turn up with their own mat, not everyone keeps yoga mats at home when they haven’t practiced it yet. Same goes for yoga props like blocks, belts and blankets.


You are in control of your body. Don’t ever push it to the point of pain. Teachers are there for advice and help but you know your body better. If your coming into a pose that hurts or you feel uncomfortable, either speak up or rearrange yourself. Yoga teachers know how to give variations of poses because not every body is the same. One person’s body can work completely different to another. Always listen to your own body and if something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. On that note. don’t compare to other students. You don’t know if they have been practicing for years or maybe they are a trained professional dancer. Listen in to yourself, mind and body.


All yoga classes are different. There are different variations and teachers teach differently. Try different classes. Some go very into the spiritual side, where some just focus on anatomy. Some are super strong and have about 30 push ups where others are more relaxed and you are in Savasana (laying down on your back) for 20 minutes. If you would like a run down of the different types of yoga, I have a free mini course that will give you a bit more information. Click the link below.

PS. Not sure what to wear to your first yoga class? A great thing is leggings and a t-shirt or vest. I have never been to a yoga class where they wear matching yoga sets like in the photo above (unless in a hot yoga class) Most people are quite reserved. Make sure you are comfy and can move easily.

I hope that these tips help and just remember to be honest with the teacher, listen in to your body and try different things to see what feels good for you.

Leah x

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