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3 Poses to Gain Flexibility

If you don’t know who I am or you are new here I’m Leah founder of Lakora Yoga and Fledgling yogi which is a beginner yoga program to help you nail the 5 main poses of yoga. 3 of them we are talking about today. The forward fold, The backbend and the splits. The other two poses are crow pose and headstand but they are more about technique than flexibility so I am not going to be talking about them today.

The reason I like to focus on these poses is that they are the 5 main movements of yoga. You have the forward bend, the backbend, the hip opening, the arm balance and the inversion. Having more knowledge in these 5 poses will improve your entire physical yoga practice.

So today I’m going to show you how to gain flexibility in your forward fold, your backbend and your splits with just 1 pose each. The main pose for each of these to start seeing improvement right away.

Id recommend doing each of these poses for a minute a day that’s 4 minutes in total, 5 if you count the moving from one pose to the next. 5 minutes is all you need to start seeing improvement in your flexibility. Are you up to the challenge?

Ok so pose number 1 is:

The forward fold, this one may seem pretty obvious, but it really is the best way to gain flexibility in your forward fold, letting your upper body dangle and using the weight of your torso and head to pull your body closer to the ground.

A great tip here is to grab opposite elbows and just dangle, maybe slightly rock from side to side. You will really start seeing a difference, if you keep this up every day.

Pose number 2:

Is a supported reclined fish pose. Place blocks/pillows underneath your chest bone and relax back onto it. Let your head dangle behind opening up the chest.

If you want to take this deeper, you can lengthen out your legs and grab opposite elbows and bring your hands above your head. This will add in a shoulder stretch as well (which is great for wheel pose)

And the last pose, number 3 is:

A low lunge. Sinking into the hips, really helps to open them up. You can always place hands on blocks or on the floor. This will really help with deepening your splits pose.

Lastly don’t forget to breathe. Make sure you are taking nice long exhales in each of these poses! Relax into them, do not hold onto tension.

There are more poses that go along with these of course and that’s what I teach inside Fledgling yogi. If you want more details, click the button below!

I hope you found this useful

Have a great day and remember to do these poses daily and you will see RESULTS!

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