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Lakora Yoga Studio

Have you heard the news?

Lakora Yoga now has an online yoga studio. All YouTube classes and Members classes will be uploaded into 1 portal making it easy for everyone to pick out there favourite classes and have them all in 1 place.

Sometimes searching for a video on YouTube can be distracting, you can get overwhelmed by choice and then you have all the suggested videos down the side which adds to the overwhelm and by the time you have picked, 10 minutes have already gone by.

Now you get to see them all in one place. Just pick whichever category takes your fancy that day. Is it a quick under 10 minutes practice, a strength based practice or maybe a meditation? You get to choose.

Members videos are labelled clearly and are not open to the public but you can gain access by joining Lakora Live where you get access to EVERY class available in the studio plus 2 weekly live zoom classes. (and it helps support me)

Check out the studio below! (click the image or here to go to the studio and check it out)