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Flexibility Classes!

Imagine feeling as flexible and free in your body as you were when you were born. It’s commonly known that we lose flexibility as we age, but the truth is, with the right focus and training, you can regain or even surpass the flexibility you once had. 

Flexibility is not a one-size-fits-all journey. To truly gain flexibility, you need to focus on the right areas. The best way is to do Targeted Flexibility Classes that specifically lengthen the muscles in the most crucial areas of your body. This way you accelerate your progress, ensuring that you see remarkable improvements in your flexibility and overall physical health.

Unlike general yoga classes that allocate just a few minutes to each body part, Flexibility Classes can focus up to 30 minutes on each part. That’s an extra 25 minutes of focused attention per session compared to a standard yoga class. Just imagine the tremendous difference that consistent, intensive training like this can make. While an hour of general yoga class per day would only give you 5 minutes of targeted work on, let’s say, your hamstrings, a specific flexibility training can provide an incredible 30 minutes a day meaning 3 and half hours a week compared to a general yoga class being 35 minutes a week. It’s clear which approach will give you better results, right?

This is why i created Lakora Live, you no longer have to wonder where to start or what areas of your body need attention. I’ve carefully created this membership to focus on the three most critical areas for overall flexibility: forward fold, backbends, and hip openings. Through three live classes per week, plus access to replays of all sessions, you’ll have a vast selection of over 50 classes to choose from and customise your training according to your needs and preferences.

All this is available for just £24 a month, which means each class costs you just £2. It’s an incredible value for the remarkable benefits you’ll experience. And to make it even better, we offer a 5-day free trial, allowing you to start your flexibility journey risk-free. If you find that Lakora Live isn’t for you, you can cancel anytime.

But that’s not all. When you join Lakora Live, you also gain access to our private Facebook community. This community provides a supportive environment where you can ask questions, receive real-time feedback from me, and find the motivation you need to stay on track with your flexibility goals. It’s like having a team of cheerleaders rooting for your success every step of the way.

Don’t let your body’s ageing process hold you back any longer. Embrace the power of Lakora Live and unlock the freedom and flexibility that will transform your life. Join us today and take the first step toward a more vibrant, flexible, and youthful body.”