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From the comfort of your own home

Do you feel you’ve already failed in your new year’s resolutions? Or has your motivation worn off already? Then how about you come and join our Reset Retreat? Gift/Give yourself a couple of hours and you will be treated to some quality time with our group of 4 experts who will help you to gently reset your mind and replenish your body, mind and soul so you can feel restored and ready to start again with a renewed motivation and a new approach.

This FREE at home online mini retreat will involve 2 hours of yoga, journaling, talks about mindset, nutrition and self-esteem. All things to help you get back on track and make this year one of ease, peace, love, health and happiness.

The retreat will take place via zoom but you can also watch live on Facebook in a private group if you prefer.

You will receive a free workbook that you can fill in as we go along so you can write down the things that resonate with you or any actions you can take to help you on your own personal journey.


What’s included?

This is a live online event which runs over 2 hours and includes four short sessions run by our group of experts.  You are welcome to join us in our secure zoom room or watch live on Facebook in a private group, and a recording will be available for 3 days after the event in the Facebook group. 

Leah from Lakora Yoga will be your host and guide throughout your time with us, and will introduce all the experts.  You’ll be joined by Self Care Queen, Sarah Reddan who will be encouraging you to give yourself permission to prioritise you. Liz, from the Be Well Space will then join you for a session exploring how we can eat in a way that feels nourishing instead of punishing. Natalie, our self-esteem coach will be helping you discover how learning to love yourself and your body is such an important part of self-care. Leah will be finishing up with a short yoga class to help your energy shift and get you motivated.

Each session will be accompanied by a short workbook allowing you space to journal your thoughts and feelings and any actions you may wish to take following the retreat.

Our experts include:

Leah from Lakora Yoga

A yoga teacher who focuses on helping people gain flexibility and improve their yoga poses, with classes suited for beginners and inflexible people, she loves to help people find some time for themselves on the mat and see what their body can do and add a little fun into yoga.

Sarah Reddan from SRTT

A therapeutic coach who helps people find and keep a self-care routine with meditations, tapping and more.

Liz Fleming from The Be Well Space

A nutritionist and wellbeing coach who is passionate about supporting  our bodies and souls with nourishing food.

Natalie Trusdale – Self Esteem Coach

 A self esteem coach that helps women love themselves and their bodies

All of these ladies have been helping people for years and have decided to share some of their expertise to make 2023 the best year for everyone!


Timetable (GMT)

10.00- Leah – welcome

10.05 – Sarah – Permission to prioritize yourself

10.35 – Liz – nutrition

11.05 –  Natalie – self esteem talk

11.35 – Leah – yoga

11.55 – Close

This is for you if

  • If your fed up of new years quick fixes that don’t last past january
  • You need a self-care kick start
  • You would like a couple of hours focusing on yourself
  • You want to have a healthier and happier 2023

This isn’t for you if

  • You already have a great self care practice and do not need help with improving it
  • You are already part of an aligned community with support



Why is this free?

After the last couple of years and seeing the world in one of the worst ways it has been for a while, we have decided to help as many people as we can to make this a better year for everyone. So if we can help even 1 person make this the year that they believe in themselves and go for their dreams then we will be happy!

What if I am not tech savvy?

You don’t need to be. We’ve got easy step by step instructions in the welcome email that you can follow. You don’t have to have zoom to join, you can watch via the private Facebook group.

How long do I have access?

You will have access to the recording for 3 days after the event. After that you will no longer be able to view the retreat replay.

Where does this take place?

In the comfort of your home. This is an online retreat so all you need is an internet connection.

What is my house isn’t quiet?

Do the best you can. Just showing up means you are willing to improve your life and take a step towards the life you want. We are all parents and understand the struggles of a busy loud home. The replay will be up fort 3 days after if there are any parts you miss and would like to revisit.


Don’t wait another year before you start taking care of yourself!