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Monthly Yoga Class Subscription

Thank you for your interest in subscribing to the Online Subscription Group & Classes!

Accessing the Leah Yoga Facebook Group & Videos

Once you’ve subscribed to the class you’ll soon be able to join in every week with a new video class & more! If you ever have some time for some extra Yoga, the Group includes a catalogue of previously recorded classes!

To gain entry to the Facebook Group is simple; fill out the form below (required to ensure your needs & requirements are understood), use the Paypal Button to pay your subscription fee (recurring every month) then follow the link at the end to the Facebook Group, once there, join the group & once I’ve confirmed your subscription, you’ll have access to the back catalogue & any new classes!

Please note: by necessity, there are a lot of personal questions below, they are all necessary for your wellbeing, please do complete this form as it is a requirement & without this data, entry to the classes cannot be provided. Your information will be held in the strictest confidence & will never be provided to any other party without your consent.

B1) Do you have any health issues? (please consider ANY issues you may have had, including but not limited to: past or recent surgery, restricted mobility, high/low blood pressure, Asthma, joint pain, fractures, migraines, heart issues etc)(required)

B3) Are you currently on any kind of medication at all?(required)

B5) Are you currently pregnant, or have you given birth within the last 12 months?(required)

C1) Would you be willing to be added to my Email Newsletter?

Thanks for completing the form, now, please use the button below to start your subscription fee (recurring monthly) & join the Facebook Group here!

Remember! At all times consider your body, your well being, & what you body is telling you! If any pose is painful or uncomfortable, adjust or exit the pose.

If you ever have any issues, please do not hesitate to contact me, in some Live Classes, it may even be possible to request feedback or advice during the class itself.

Disclaimer & Data Collection / Storage

For full details regarding our Data Collection Policy & Yoga Disclaimer, please click either of those terms or below in the footer.

Before starting any yoga class you should consult with a doctor regarding any physical conditions or symptoms you may be experiencing prior to attending or viewing a class. You should also tell Leah about any new conditions or symptoms that may arise after completion of this form. If any movements hurt or are uncomfortable please stop and inform Leah, it is your responsibility to make certain that you never take your yoga practice to a level of discomfort or pain. It is your responsibility to take care of your body during a yoga class. By submitting this form you agree to indemnify Leah Hyne from any liability, losses, damages or expense arising out of your participation in yoga and that the student assumes the risk of yoga practice and releases Amy Jones from any liability claims.