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Lakora Yoga


Discover your true self, find balance & let me help you with your stress!

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You might be wondering how I can help you deal with stress through online yoga, & what is involved with a membership. If this is you keep reading…

None of us know it all. We all need a little help with things, a little guidance on our journeys, and everyone’s journey is different. This membership has been made with you in mind to help you achieve what it is you need.

I have different class lengths, meditations and a new to yoga course that you can follow. This way you get to work on your own personal practice and pick whichever one suits you at the time. Because being a parent means you may only have 5 minutes, or maybe you have an hour during nap time. You get to pick which one is right for you in that moment.

So let’s start practicing and get you to where you want to be. Stress free? Calm? Energized? The choice is yours.

What’s Included?

Members enjoy;

  • Over 40 Classes (new classes added weekly)
  • Vinyasa Classes
  • Yin Classes
  • Meditations
  • A Crow Workshop
  • 6 week New to Yoga program

You will have access to the private Facebook group, where you can ask questions, share your progress & find a few how to videos on poses for clarity in alignment.

2 new videos are released every week and you’ll have access to all previous classes. Most videos are based around specific poses so as well as picking the timing of your class, you get to pick what pose you would like to work on. If you’re not sure, just start from the beginning and work your way down. It’s easily laid out for you, taking away all the stress. Just pick your time!

“When my husband and I study yoga online with Leah Hyne, we feel like we’ve finally found someone who can explain to us what on earth we are doing! What a gifted teacher she is! She even taught me to master Crow Pose, which I had been working on forever without success. Leah is gentle, kind, insightful, and absolutely happiness-inspiring! Wonderful yoga classes!”

– Amy C

Right now you might be stressed, overwhelmed, & needing to learn some tools that will help. I know; I’ve been there! Sometimes I’m still there!

This is where Lakora membership comes in.

Imagine if you could wake up & pick a practice that works for you that day. Maybe you only have 5 minutes in nap time, maybe you have 20, maybe you are stuck under a sleeping child and can’t move but can do a quick meditation. Using the different modules you can pick a practice that’s right for you at that moment. With 2 new classes being added every week. 

Currently there are over 40 hours of classes!

Your Teacher

Hi, I’m Leah and I’ll be your teacher through this membership. I am a fully qualified 330hr yoga teacher, accredited with yoga alliance professionals. 

I started practicing yoga 8 years ago and noticed how it dramatically changed my view on how I see and deal with things. Yoga for me helped me to understand my own feelings and gave me the tools to deal with stress. I am a mum of a 4 year old and there can be a lot of stressful moments in parenthood and yoga is my getaway. It’s time I get to concentrate on me, where I get to understand exactly how I am feeling and what I need.

The reason I created this membership is for accountability and stress relief. Having meditations at hand that you can do every day while having the option to pick your own yoga class was key to me. Sometimes I only had 5 minutes, sometimes i had an hour.

So join me and lets get stress free while working on some yoga together!

So Far, in Our Membership…

We have so many classes already; 40+ hours!

Leah’s classes are very authentic – she clearly has a passion for yoga that extends through her physical practice to other aspects of her life and she is inspired to share that with others. She definitely knows her stuff.

– Roz

A Growing Library

More videos are being added to the membership every month. Some are live recordings (which are then deleted from the public areas, so only members have access) and some are pre recorded.

Value of this Membership

– £20 A month which includes 2 new classes a week


3 days to destress series (normally £15 – free with Membership)

How to Pose Guide (Facebook group) (normally £12 – free with Membership)

New to Yoga Course (normally £30 – free with Membership)

And you can get all of this for £20 a month!

You can also cancel anytime – However, cancellation must be before your next payment as no refunds can be given.


What do Members have access to?

All the modules in the membership portal, plus the Facebook group.

Do I need a Yoga Mat & props?

It isn’t necessary to start your practice. However, if you are planning to practice regularly then I would suggest that you get hold of one. I have a recommendations list in the Facebook page – I’ve tried a bunch, so can help you find a great Mat, skipping some of the dodgy ones!

What if I don’t have Facebook?

That’s fine!

I can email you anything that I post in there, & a playlist of the videos already in there.

How do I know what video to do?

Pick the time that you have to practice and go from there!

You can pick specific poses or just start from the beginning of that module. If you’re stuck under a sleeping child, its a great time to try one of the meditations.

Is this for beginners?

I think my classes are great for beginners as I go over alignment cues often. That being said, I do have an arm balance workshop for anyone wanting a bit more of a challenge!

Ultimately, I am being guided by you & your needs. If there is anything you want to work on which isn’t available, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

How long do I have access?

For as long as you are paying your monthly subscription.

If you sign up on the 1st and cancel on the 3rd of a month, you will be able to enjoy the rest of that month until the next monthly payment as you would have already paid for that first month.

Who is this Membership for?

Anyone who is at least one of the following;  

  • Wants to start yoga 
  • Feels stressed and is unsure how to deal with it
  • Wants a regular yoga or meditation practice
  • Wants to find some calmness in there busy lives
  • Loves vinyasa flows but also likes the calmness of meditations
  • Loves seeing a difference in their mental health
  • Likes to be organized in their practice
  • Wants to be the best parent they can, whilst still feeling like themselves!

Who isn’t this membership for?

  • People who haven’t a care in the world (but you might still enjoy it!)

So, how does this work?

Clicking the button below will take you to the Lakora Membership, all you have to do, is follow the easy signup process there, & you can get straight into enjoying our extensive back catalogue, along with new videos, every week!

I get so much more out of yoga with you than any other classes I’ve done. I now know how to ground down through my feet which may seem simple but I couldn’t do it before you explained it.


Imagine where you could be a few months from now with a consistent, organised yoga/meditation practice. 

Feeling less stressed, healthier in mind and body, and getting back a little bit more you time.

Focusing on what you need will help the others around you. A calmer Parent means a happier family. That’s what this membership is for!

Let’s help you relieve some stress, find a little calm and rediscover your true self!

Your investment! £20 a month to shape your life into what you want it to be!

Signup below to become a member now.