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Are you ready to gain flexibility faster and decrease the feeling of ageing and stiffness?

Gaining flexibility increases your energy, helps you sleep better and reduces stress levels!

You might be feeling like

  • You have no time to practise
  • You’re too stiff for this course
  • You won’t have the energy to keep it up
  • You’re unsure whether it will work for you

But, imagine if you

  • Got into a daily QUICK yoga habit
  • Started seeing results after just a couple of days
  • Improved your energy levels
  • Felt better mentally AND physically
  • Jumped into that yoga pose you always wanted to nail!
  • No longer felt like ageing was a problem because you feel amazing.

Perhaps you’ve tried other courses or yoga classes but you didn’t see the results you were hoping for. Maybe you felt like flexibility is just never going to happen for you or that you just don’t have the time and patience for it.

In LUQ you will discover that you don’t need an hour every day to practice; you can do a 20 minute class 3x a week and get amazing results as you are purely focused on what your unique body needs, instead of spreading yourself, your body, and your time, thin.

Unlock the secrets to gaining flexibility in all areas of your body with our comprehensive course. Learning tips and tricks to advance your practice quicker and Motivational talks to help keep you on track

By the end of this course you will have a deeper understanding of where in your unique body you need to focus your attention and what exercises you need to do to majorly improve your flexibility. You will have gained flexibility and strength which not only loosens your body but your mind as well.

All this, and more is possible when you take the step by step path inside Loosen Up Quest (LUQ)

The LUQ Method will guide you on a step by step journey so that you can gain flexibility faster then just taking random yoga classes and it will help you focus  on your unique body and where you are personally tight.

> About your Yoga Teacher

Leah Hyne is an online yoga teacher who has always had a stiffer body than most due to not being very active as a child and teen. She was always the least flexible person in her yoga classes but that gave her the motivation to fix that. She found a way that worked for her stiffer body. She focused on short but effective yoga classes and has learnt to focus on what her body and mind need. It is with great passion she now shares that with the world. She is also a mum, a wife and an animal lover.

As a busy mum she knew it was essential to find the right method that she could fit in her flexibility classes around her lifestyle. Which is how she came to focusing on the different body parts to truly see results and gain flexibility faster than just a general yoga class.

> What is different about this course?

Unlike many flexibility courses out there, I am not naturally hyper mobile or exceptionally flexible. I am the complete opposite which gives me an insight into how other inflexible people are feeling and the struggles they go through. As a result, I am able to approach teaching from a place of empathy and understanding.

By participating in this course, you can rest assured that you are learning from someone who has walked the same path and understands the frustration and discouragement that can come with being inflexible. My focus is on providing a safe and supportive space for you to explore and progress at your own pace, free from comparison or feeling overwhelmed. Together, we will work towards your personal goals and celebrate the victories, big and small, that come with increasing flexibility.

So, if you have ever felt discouraged by previous courses or instructors who couldn’t relate to your struggles, this course is specifically designed with you in mind. Join me on this journey to unlock your body’s true potential and experience the transformative power of increased flexibility.

> What is a founding member?

This course is brand new, that means no one has been through this amazing content before. So as a founding member you get to be the first. You get this course at a highly discounted rate and in return i will ask for feedback and thoughts at the end of the course. You get to keep this course for life and you gain free access to any future updates. You will also receive access to all my mini courses for FREE (this is only available for our founding members, if you don’t sign up this time round you will not gain access to the mini courses).

What is the LUQ Course?

What is included?

Module 1 – Forward Fold Flexibility

We focus on unlocking the power of your lower body. By targeting your calves, hamstrings, you will experience increased flexibility and mobility in your legs. These areas are often prone to tightness and stiffness, and by dedicating time to their flexibility, you’ll find yourself moving with greater ease and grace

Goal – Gain flexibility in the lower body 

Module 2 – Hip Movement

The hips are a vital area of the body when it comes to flexibility. In this module, we delve into various hip-opening exercises to enhance your range of motion. By releasing tension in your hip joints and strengthening the surrounding muscles, you’ll experience improved flexibility and stability. Say goodbye to hip tightness and welcome fluid movements and improved overall posture.

Goal – Gain flexibility in the hips

Module 3  – Shoulders

Flexibility and strength in the shoulders is needed for a lot of backbends but also for posture and a healthy body.

Goal – strength and flexibility in the Shoulders

Module 4 – Backbending Flexibility

Flexibility in the upper body is often overlooked, but it is crucial for overall body balance and function. In this module, we concentrate on opening the chest, improving shoulder flexibility, and increasing arm strength. By working on these areas, you’ll achieve better posture, relieve tension in the shoulders and neck, and unlock your potential for various upper body movements.

Goal – Upper body flexibility 

Module 5 – Twisting and Side bends

Twisting and side bends are often left out of flexibility courses but this course is here to offer you everything you will need for full body flexibility and balance.

Goal – flexibility in the torso

BONUS – Pose Practice

We have a library of poses that we are adding to so that you can have a daily practice with whatever pose you are working towards to achieve your goal.

Goal – Achieve your pose goals


First 24 hours ONLY
(17th July only – GMT)
1-1 Live with Leah

(scheduled for some time over the 6 weeks of the course)

If you join within the first 24 hours of opening the doors to LUQ then you can receive a 1-1 live yoga class with me where we can focus on your unique body and I can give you feedback as to where your energy is best spent in the course. We will have a 5 minute consultation, a 45 minute class and then a 10 minute discussion at the end.

Value – £100

Access to all Lakora Yoga Challenges

As a bonus for joining us inside LUQ I will also be giving you access to all our mini courses. These courses involve specific classes to help beginners, help you touch your toes, nail your crow pose and deepen your splits.

Value – £180

Refund Policy 

This program is only for you if you are committed to do the work to see the results. If you are unhappy in the first 4 weeks after purchasing then please email Leah at info@lakorayoga.com and we would be happy to refund the course. This will mean you will no longer have access to the content or the bonuses. (if you had a 1-1 then 50% refund only will be available)

Frequently asked Questions:

1) Is this course suitable for beginners?

Yes! Anyone who doesn’t feel like they have reached their flexibility potential yet is suitable for this course. We go through it focused on how it feels for you so anyone can participate at any level. There are variations of poses and as you retake this course you will keep seeing major improvement every time!

2) How long does the course last?

This is a 6 week course but you have lifetime access so can retake it as often as you would like. 

3) How often do I need to practise during the course?

This course is designed to take 3 x 20 minute classes a week. So 1 hour of your week! That’s it. You can add more if you want but to start with id recommend picking 3 days and using them as your practice days! 

4) What equipment or props do I need for the course?

You can do this course without any props but I do recommend having cushions or blankets available. I give options during the classes for household items when props are needed.

5) Can I take this course if I have a previous injury or medical condition?

Yes, Just be aware of your own body. Because of the digital nature of this course I cannot stop you pushing yourself too far but I always advice you on how it should feel and what to look out for. So as long as you are listening to your body there is no reason you cannot participate.

6) Will I be able to see results in just six weeks?

YES! We have had major results in just 5 days!

7) Will there be any personalised guidance or feedback from the instructor?

You will have access to a private Facebook group where Leah will be going live with Q&A posts regularly. Keep an eye on your emails after joining for this link

8) How can I track my progress throughout the course?

Download your free flexibility checker here (add link)

9) Will I have access to future updates and additional content related to the course?

Yes, You get free access to future updates and lifetime access to this course!