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Longer Classes

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Classes 45 minutes or longer can be found here (some are members only)

45 min – Throat Chakra
45 min – Solar Plexus Chakra
60 min – Sacral Chakra
65 min – Root Chakra
Standing Splits (members)
Forward Fold YIN (members)
Forward Fold (members)
Camel (members)
Dancer Pose (members)
Wildthing (members)
1 hour YIN (members)
YIN Yoga (members)
Backbending YIN (members)
Backbending Class (members)
Side Bending YIN (members)
Sidebending Vinyasa (members)
Pigeon (members)
Warrior 2 Sequence (members)
Cow Face Pose (members)
Hip opening YIN (members)
Tree Pose (members)
Side Lunge (members)
Revolved Hand to big toe (members)
Baby Grasshopper (members)
YIN with the wall (members)
Bed YIN (members)
Chakra YIN & meditation (members)